Everybody knows the “Resources” page is typically a long, tired list of affiliate links where the author makes it seem like they CANNOT live without these products, and that their blog, and in turn, their business, will cease to exist without said products.

And that’s what this is.  Just to be up front with you.

Well, partly.  Consider 2 points:

Objective 1: My mindset behind this page is certainly twofold, in the sense that, yes, some of these definitely are affiliate links.  Meaning, if you take the link that I provide below to the product I recommend, enter in your credit card info, press buy- the vendor will break me off a (small, tiny) commission.  To be clear, there is no out of pocket cost to you regarding this commission.  Some of the big boys make tens of thousands of dollars a month using this concept. Me?  I’m just happy to be able to cut/paste the affiliate code into the backend of this page correctly.  If I can make $5/10 bucks a month off affiliates, frankly, I’d be thrilled.

Objective 2:  The second part of this is- I’ve had actually a refreshing number of folks give me a shout and say, dude- what you are doing is awesome but, a) where are you finding the time, and b) how in the heck do you know how to do this?  And “this” means:

  1. How do you start a “blog?”  What does “hosting” mean? What is an autoresponder?  Who does logos for you?  How do you generate topics for your posts?  And, my favorite, is google keyword planner the devil?
  2. So my thought was, let me condense all of these neat tools that I have pulled together and relied on in getting this site off the ground.  Now, your wondering, how am I so smart that I know all of this stuff?  Its all trial and error my friends.  Lots of web surfing, lots of reading, lots of filling up dog- eared notebooks (until I discovered Evernote, of course) lots of reading other folks blogs and getting a feel for what they use, lots of daydreaming, until that day back in December 2016 where I just decided to EXECUTE.
  3. This list is meant to be a source of products that I have tried- some I use today to help continually operate the blog.  Others, I have tried and they are now on the backburner because a) they aren’t germaine to what I am doing TODAY (but it will be in the future) or b) I just haven’t found the time in my schedule to prioritize it to the front of the line.

A quick note- these “Resources” are not meant to be considered under the heading of “Making Money.”  Although you will find their is crossover, that is a separate section entirely that I intend to build out.  Another quick word about that.  It is now my belief, that everybody- and I mean EVERYBODY should have a blog of their own.  Why?  Think about it.  Every person has unique interests and unique abilities.  We learned this in grade school.  Take your unique ability or interest, build yourself a platform, talk about it, write about it, build a community or Tribe of like minded folks, and GROW together.  Or don’t.  But thats my two cents, and my current belief.  So- if you would like to take that step- below are some things, as a baseline, that you will need.  Lets get to it.

Tools you need to build your blog:


  • First and foremost, you need to “host” your blog somewhere.  To be honest, I don’t really know what that means, but I do know you need it.  I sniffed around a few platforms, and everybody I knew (I mean the 3 or 4 people I asked) recommended I use Bluehost.   The cool thing about Bluehost is it circumvents you having to go to GoDaddy and actually buy a domain name separately.  Its all included as part of the process.  I’ve bought a few domains at GoDaddy, and its a total hassle.  You buy it, they upsell you, then somebody calls you the next day trying to sell their web security services, etc.  Forget it.  Just jump on Bluehost and hook it up very simply.


  • The next “tool” that I use all the time- I mean alll the time is  Believe it or not, Joe Simonds over at SaltStrong introduced me to Fiverr back in 2014.  I had bought one of his courses, and he raved about it, and since then I’ve used it exclusively.  An aside- check out Joe’s site SaltStrong. Its awesome.  Joe is an internet marketing genius, and I’ve learned alot just watching him build his SaltStrong page, and also his annuity marketing/financial advisor marketing courses prior to that.  He is a real dude.  So back to Fiverr.  Use the site for logos, graphics, internet or website or blog build stuff that you don’t know how to do, tasks that you prefer to farm out and outsource, and literally everything in between.  The concept it, each gig starts at $5 bucks, then you can upsize or add to it from there. My logo, my facebook marketing, help with my blog from a backend perspective is all outsourced to Fiverr.


  • Mailchimp.  You will need an “autoresponder” and platform to push out emails, because you do plan on collecting email addresses, correct? Of course you do.  Now, I’ve messed around with Aweber, I’ve looked at Infusionsoft from a far, far distance (those are for bigger platforms, is what I’m told)- but to be honest, I’ve found Mailchimp has been the “least difficult” of the bunch to use.  Its not easy to get the hang out it by any means.  Honestly, autoresponder sequencing and language is still very much Greek to me.  But I’m making do.


  • Shopify.  Shopify is a very simple, almost hands-off way to monetize your blog or website by selling apparel. Apparel= T- Shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, cups, decals, stickers, lanyards. bumper stickers.  Literally, whatever.  Its basically a way to get the word out and further brand yourself and your platform.  I even printed some T-shirts with the Manchamp logo so my son can wear them to school.  A picture of a dude with a beard on his T-shirt, walking thru pre-school.  Haha.

And thats it.  I mean, thats literally it as far as getting started.  I will add more here as I continue to get deeper, but as you read this site- these are the tools I have used to get to this point.


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