My “Why”

Typically this is the “about me” section.  But, since most of what I do is outside the norm anyway, we are moving this to the “my Why” section.

In no particular order:


  • The “why” is the reason you do things.  The reason you exist.  What you live for.  Me, I am your typical American male.  I like all the usual things- being outside, watching sports.  I have a job.  I have a family.  I have a son.  And another one on the way in July.
  • Soon it will be 3 vs. 1- as my son reminds me daily.  I have plans and aspirations, but I also have reality.
  • I have goals and dreams, but I also have the struggle, the monotony of the day to day people.
  • Somedays, I get down on myself and figure- why are other people winning?  Why are others more successful? Why are others making more money.
  • Then, I look inward, and understand, and feel, really, that I am doing fine.  I’m just fine.
  • But this is my effort to grow.  To get more. To keep pressing forward.
  • My goal for the people who read this blog, who listen to the Manchamp podcast, who email me directly, who message me on facebook, who join our facebook group– is to engage.  To share your story.  To help others improve.
  • The “why” behind the Manchamp Movement is to help others, other men, be better Father’s and to also be more present, more engaged Men.  Period.  There are so many things to get better at.  Too many things.  To many other blogs to consider.  To many other coaches to listen to, videos to watch.  Thats fine.
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