Joe Rogan, Guy Ritchie, the Parabal of the Prodigal Son, and Extreme Ownership in one conversation? Read on.


I’ve admitted this before: initially, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Joe Rogan podcast.  I don’t remember the first one I listened to, but I didn’t get it.  It just didn’t resonate.  I knew the guy was funny, but the conversation just didnt grab me.  Now, its probably my favorite show.  Tons of awesome guests- some recognizable, some totally out of  the mainstream.  He’ll bring on folks with crazy stories, totally out of the way views, left, right, center, green, and otherwise.  He’s working on 800 episodes now.  I think he actually has one of the longest running shows, which is hard to believe.

Recently, I’ve listened to the conversation with Arian Foster- really comes across as an intelligent guy- one who figured out the system, played well, got paid, and ditched the NFL while he still has his brain capacity.  Also listened to the “Renegade” show- this one was particularly fascinating.  Shirley from the band Garbage was good.  It goes without saying I paid rapt attention to Joe and Jocko’s conversation.  The conversation with Jordan Peterson I plan on listening to soon.  Pick it up on iTunes and plug it in while you are at the gym, on the road, on a plane, or out for a run.

My favorite was by far the conversation with the film director Guy Ritchie.

Lets play some word association and recognition with Guy Ritchie:

Married to Madonna.

Apparently still very sane.

Black belt in BJJ.

Synonymous with the cult  hit movie Snatch.

Comes from British aristocracy.

Likes pocket squares.

Can quote biblical parables off the cuff.

Reads and listens and can quote Jocko and Leif.

Believer in positive messaging and not just playing the game, but owning it.

If you are here anyway, you might as well win, right?

Thats in the first 20 minutes or so.

Check out Guy Ritchie here.

What I like most about listening to these podcasts is that is gives you the ability to get some quick insight into somebody else’s brain.  You get to peel back their thought process, their beliefs, their human, and get another side of the story, for however briefly.  It doesn’t need to be brief, it doesn’t even need to be educational- it can be humorous even.

This is almost an even better way of reading a book.

I love reading.  Nothing better than diving deep into a book and laughing, learning, and being entertained.  Same way here by diving into a good podcast.  More so, because the convenience factor is there.  You don’t need to hit kindle, or the local library.  You can put it on in the car.  Traffic jam?  Pull on an episode and spend your time wisely, instead of cussing out the traffic.

Look for our podcast soon- we’ve got some very entertaining guests lined up for the kickoff, and I’m just about to hit “Go.”



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