7 Simple Action Items to CRUSH your new JOB!


As most people know, next week is moving “day”, and the week after, I start my new gig.

New city, new gig, new house, new people.

All new.

First, I am extremely excited as it is a brand new start.  I’ll be working outside of my chosen industry for the first time, ever.  I’ve spent the last 12 years, give or take, doing the exact same thing.  Its become boring, and I’m getting more and more convinced that the business I’m in now will be going out of business.  Or, at the very least, drastically changing.

So, onward.

Now, probably like most people, I’m excited, but reticent at the same time.  On the one hand, I’m actually really thankful this gig came thru.  And its for a company, at least knowing what I know today, really provides good product that you can make a business case for.  So that, for once, is actually reall enticing.

Further, I’m really excited to work for what seems like a very strong boss.  I actually can’t emphasize this enough.  Everybody knows- when you work for a week boss, it just sucks.  Its worse than not having a boss at all.  To me, I’m all about just doing your work and getting it done- no micro management need.  But- with a boss that is actually a LEADER- in addition to a manager- I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyhow- my personality is such that- I can get really quite, and just get caught in my own world, not be social, and just sit in the corner and focus on getting things done.  Obviously that is not “good” when you are the FNG.  The new guy.

So- I’ve started to go thru a thought process of what I need to do, to ensure that I get off on the right foot, and really, get ahead, in this new gig.  In the past, I’ve certainly muddled my way thru, without a plan.  That is no longer an option.  Today, I am fully engaged with my new job.

Here are some of my thoughts about must-do’s for on Day 1 and Week 1:

  1. Be outgoing.  Not overly so, but make an extreme effort to be very, or unusually outgoing, certainly Day 1, definitely Week 1, and probably expand that into the first month.  You’ve got to meet people, align with colleagues, get your name out, and get very engaged.
  2. Get the admin done, but ask questions.  Get the monotonous HR stuff done, but don’t hide at your desk the first week.  Make conversation, then do the admin.  Engage with your new co-workers, but then do the training.
  3. Share, but be strategic. Definitely let others see who you are as a person, but don’t share to much.  Remember, these people are still forming an opinion of you.  They are still making judgements.  You are still the new guy.  Observe, tread lightly, offer insight or info, but don’t try and dominate.  Let them know who you are, in conversation, but no need to tell them that you stayed up all night last night watching Sons of Anarchy doing weird things.
  4. For God sakes be on time.  This is very odd that this is even a line item, but I swear, at my current gig, we’ve had new guys show up on time day 1, then immediately start coming in 5 mins, 10 mins, 25 mins “late”.  Now- I don’t set the schedule.  I come and go now as I please- but I’ve been here a while.  I built up that credibility and capital.  You haven’t.  Be on time.  And everybody knows being on time is being early.
  5. Do your home work.  You are going into this gig with the goal of DOMINATING.  Not showing up.  Not being middle of the pack. DOMINATING.  Being first in the group in sales.  That means, initially, and after, you are doing your homework.  You are bringing your notes home.  You are perfecting your pitch at home.  You are role playing at home.  You are boning up on your product knowledge at home.  You are mapping out what-if’s and war gaming.  You are preparing to DOMINATE and crush it.  You realize that you can knock down serious $ at this gig, but it will not happen on a whim.  It will happen with a serious amount of planning, smart work, and hard work.
  6. Take advantage of your boss.  Use him as a resource.  If you win, he wins.  Identify immediately if he is a good boss, or bad boss.  Make this distinction.  If he is a good boss- godsend.  Be a sponge and get all of his knowledge.  Learn. Bring him on sales calls.  Watch him, take from his process, and add it to yours.
  7. Build the capital up.  Wide open communication.  Late? Communicate.  Kid’s school opened late?  Communicate.  Skip lunch and work.  Let your boss know. Be present.  Get in good graces.  Build up that capital with your boss.  Own the relationship.  When you need something, to duck out early, to stay home sick, to push the sale thru- its there.  You have that capital to burn.  You don’t? Then you are done.

Those are my thoughts.  Additionally, I just stumbled across this post by David DeMelo.  Check out his linkedin, he has a deep track record in sales.  The article,  check it out here.

That’s it.  I have this printed out on a note card.  April 10 is the big day.  There’s no other choice but to win.  I’ll check back with you a month in and let you know how its going.



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