Top 6 Reasons for Getting into the STEAM ROOM!


Ah yes, the steam room.  One of my favorite things.  The steam room of course has been around for centuries.  Think about Turkish baths, or the public bath system in ancient Rome. History.

Now, you can find a steam room at your local resort.  Your local gym, such as 24 Hour Fitness, or 24Hour Fitness, or Golds, or wherever.  Typically, complete with disgusting floors, staph infection and ringworm included.

Anyhow, I now love the steam room.  It is my refuge, my release.  It is a place I go in the middle of my day, even though its 100 degrees outside, already (where I live).

I go in, shower sandles on, gallon of water in my hand, and relax.  I stand and stretch, touching my toes, and trying to touch the ceiling.

I try and get in the steam room, and release. I think.  I attempt to meditate, except it doesn’t always happen. I’m not the best at clearing my mind.

But I do relax.  I stretch, sit, take my water and pour it over my head. I get sopping wet, and typically I spend about 20 mins.

Then, I go and take a cold shower. The coldest one I can.  Typically, it is roughly 1130am or 12 at this point.

Midday.  I am now refreshed.

Nothing refreshes you, gets you nice and clean than the steam room.

If you are still going out, still knocking back drinks, steam room the next day is a must.

If you are on a different path, one of having control over your life, having temperance, the steam room balances you.

Lets tally up a bit of a list here:


  • You turnover some of the water in your body.  Get your sweat on.  Drink water.  Repeat.


  • Your skin clears up.  Your face looks better.  Not cloudy.  Not rundown.  Shiny.  Glistening, in a good way.


  • Benefits to the mind- we already covered that above.


  • You can juxtapose the hot and cold.  Get your steam on, then get in the cold shower.  Fool your body.  Hot and cold.  Yin and Yang.  Do it.


  • Steam out some toxins.  Whether you’ve been eating Doritos or drinking beer, get them toxins out.  Sweat it out for a day, or two, and that can massively recharge the body. No? Ask your doctor.


  • Your blood will flow better.  Capillaries will “dialate” and the bloodstream will flow “freer” – again, ask your doc.

So that’s it.  Some insight into one of my favorite things.  Yes it is hot.  Yes it is wet.  Yes, it is amazing.

The steam room.


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