Moving day is here.


Ah yes.  Moving day.  If you’ve been reading along the last few months, most of you know I have been planning my move from Phoenix, AZ up to Seattle, WA.

Sunshine to rain.

Sand to moss.

The Great American West to snowflakes.

Poolside to beards and flannel.

Palm tree to pine tree.

Arizona concealed carry to Seattle…very decidely, culturally, politically, socially…not down with that.

Underperforming schools to some of the best in the nation.

North Scottsdale homogenous-ness to big city diversification.  No longer are my son’s classmates all young North Scottsdale dudes.  Now, they are Russian, Asian, country, city, and parts in between. They take the city bus for field trips now.

ASU to UW.

Old town Scottsdale 40k millionaire bro to home brewing real smart legit millionaire bros.

Its a move I’ve been looking towards, planning for, with equal parts trepidation, expectation, worry, opportunity, nostalgia, fun, upside, and downside.

I’ve been waiting to write this for some time, so, mainly for myself, I’ll map it out for you.

It all started a bit more than a year ago.  Probably 14 months now.  December 2014.  Let me explain:

I believe it was either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, 2015.  I had put me son to bed; he was 3 and a half at that point in time- seems like a lifetime ago.  I was relaxing on the couch, fiddling with my phone, watching TV.  I distinctly remember, it was a re-run of Justified. Raylan Givens, and all that.  I get a text.  What do you think about moving?  I immediately respond, when, I probably should have waited til the next day.  “I’ve never thought about it.” We go back and forth.  Think of the new city.  Fun. Opportunity. Something new.  Money.  Upside.  I respond with an unquivocal “No.”  I’m asked if I would ever consider a “partial custody” situation.  “Sure,” I reply.  My son stays with me, you can visit whenever.  Obviously she is thinking about this the other way around.

Never.  I would never consider that.  The reality of the situation was, wherever my son was, however it worked out, I would be there too.  It didn’t matter what city or state.  To a degree, I think we both knew that, but it was left unsaid.

For a month, I punted it down the road and didn’t think about it.  Then it came up again.  I said I would give it some thought.  I knew where it was going.  This was winter of 2016.  I gave it more thought, started making plans in my mind.  My goal was to keep building this side business I was working on, scale it to the point where I could sell it in Fall 2016, put a few hundred K in my pocket, move, take a few months off, and consider my next move.  That didn’t happen, but thats another story.

I decide I am fine with moving.  I could have fought it but I didn’t. I said ok.  I don’t ask for anything.  Not money, not time.  I could have.  Could have insisted on it. People tell me I should have, but thats not me.  I don’t want other peoples money.  The only thing I ask is moving expenses.  Thats fair, and we agree.

I tried to think thru it intelligently, to consider pros/cons, to consider if I would “like it.”  In truth, it never mattered, and it doesn’t matter if I “like it.”  Further, my girlfriend, Brooke, is from Oregon, and she is thrilled to get back to the NW.  To get out of Arizona.  That’s a further plus.  And, its a new city, one of the few parts of the country that I’ve never ventured.  The Pacific NW.  Rainy, but beautiful.  I am excited about that.

So we decide to go.  All of 2016 we are in the odd conundrum of not knowing when.  We are unsure of timing.  We are relying on somebody else’s timing, which in turn is predicated on another company’s sense of timing.  It turned into a never ended circle.  Like a marble, swirling around a funnel. Circles and circles and circles.  It is frustrating.  Uncomfortable.  I’m stuck in the middle.

Initially, my plan is to wait.  Indefinitely.  Fall time.  Six months have passed.  I have new interests. Oh, and we are having a baby.  An unexpectedly wrinkle, but a very positive one.  I decide in my mind that I am fairly confident I can get a job with a former company I was with years ago.  I fly to Seattle on my own dime in November to “visit.”

I visit.  I leave and watch the Cubs win the World Series.  I am soaking wet with rain, damp and cold.  I fly back to Phoenix the next day and just stand outside, basking in the sun.  Happy to be home, but wracked with worry.

Christmas comes, back in Seattle.  I hear nothing from my job contact.  It falls apart.  No contact is not good.  It was probably all in my mind anyway.

Now I worry.  Moving day for my son is here.  His mom has a job, and it is decided they will go first.  They take an awesome road trip.  Phoenix. Santa Barbara.  San Francisco.  Stinson Beach, which I recommend.  Portland. Then Seattle.  I am updated from the road.

My mind is a mess, because now the decision and basis for when I will see my son is based on somebody else’s timeframe.  Somebody else’s decision to hire me, or not.  It is not a comfortable feeling.  I try and remain positive, but keep thinking worst case.  I need a job, but I also need a certain level of income.  Its no longer me; I have people to support now.  Expenses that are already accounted for.  Money that comes in, and turns around and heads right out.

All of the jobs that I get calls back on are not what I need.  They are half of what I need.  Hustling, that’s not a problem.  I start considering trading time for dollars again.  A job on the weekend when I get up there.  Bartending.  Driving.  Whatever it is.  Not where I want to be, but I’ll do what needs to be done.

I get bitter.  Why would I leave beautiful Phoenix, AZ for half pay, a part time job and several steps down in Seattle?

Why? I know why.  But hopefully it won’t come to that.

It doesn’t come to that.  It almost did.  But it doesn’t.

Feb 2017 comes.  My son leaves.  Drives to Seattle.  Had a great road trip.  I have 3 irons in the fire, all acceptable.  Good money.  Decent upside.

One falls off. I choose to let it go; not what I want.

Two remain open, either will do.  I have a first choice and a second choice.

The first choice comes thru, and I am relieved.  Its a good choice.  Upside, a strong leader for a boss, and I’m optimistic.

We leave the first week in April.

I’m looking forward to it. To the drive.  To the finality of moving.  Roughly a year and a half in the making. About done.

I’m happy about the new gig, and know I can do a good job.  Probably, for the first time, I must do a good job, or else.  I’ve got several people relying on me now, so its not an option.

Lately, as I’ve started to read more, and think more, is it a measure of karma?  Am I being taught a lesson?  Am I getting this job because?  I don’t know.

I have things on my mind.  Trying to thread the needle on different things.  This blog, this platform. Other ideas.  Investment properties to refinance.  New baby to look after.

It will all come together.

Movers came yesterday, and we are driving today.




So long Arizona.



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