You remember Kevin Rose? Creator of Digg, Tim Ferris’s right hand man, tech wunderkind, and now….”watch” guy?


So I’ve been searching for a new hobby.  Something that catches my eye, would provide an outlet for my curiosity, and that would also be a neat outlet for my wandering mind.

Cars? No, don’t know enough about em, and costly.

Knitting? Nope.

Painting? Thats cool, but maybe down the road.

Gardening? Possibly.

Watches? Yes.

Now, I don’t know anything about watches.  I’ve worn them intermittently throughout the years.  I owned the “Jocko Timex” of course.  I never had a Fossil- back when wearing those was cool in high school.  Had a few other ones, but definitely wasn’t into them.

I do remember, my grandfather wore a gold Rolex, and one day, after a visit, he left it in my Dad’s work hat, along with a $100 bill.  It was now my Dads.

Anyhow, I started googling, and looking into watches, and, oddly, found Hodinkee, and in parallel, re-found Kevin Rose.  

Allow me to explain.

I first heard about this cat Kevin Rose, probably about ten years ago.  Maybe a little bit more.  I was 22, 23, trying to make my way in the world.  Dreaming of money.  Fast cars. Status. Entitlement. Vacation. Status. Etc.  All the things a young guy dreams of.

I remember reading his feature story- I think it was a piece in Business Week- or maybe it was this piece in INC.- regardless it was long, long ago.

The Internet was way different then.  Facebook was still just breaking out of the college market.

Uber did not exist.

No Twitter. No Pinterest.  Youtube was minimal. The online hustle didn’t really exist.

You get the idea.

Anyhow, I remember reading about Kevin Rose, how he had created this juggernaut called Digg, then you had Milkk, then you had the the stint with Google Ventures, then you had the move to Hodinkee.


And it got me thinking.  Kevin Rose has a fascinating story. He was on a rocket ship startup- Digg.  Spent some time on an “incubator” of sorts- Milk.  Did some product management work on Google+, shifted over to Google Ventures, then left, apparently, to follow his true passion; watches.

This article provides the full story.

Also, this piece on Fast Company is pretty cool as well.

Further, if you are an avid listener and reader of all things Tim Ferris, as I am, you’ll know that Kevin hangs out on the podcast from time to time, and Tim mentions him quite frequently.

Check out Tim and Kevin here, or just search on Tim’s blog.

Anyway, back to watches.  So I’ve started to look into “watch collecting” or “learning about watches.”

Here are some great resources that I have found:

  1. Watch Resources
  2. Watches over on Reddit
  3. Time Zone
  4. Hodinkee

Take a walk thru those.  Read about Kevin’s story above in those links.  Like all media- it beats him up a bit, but read between those lines and get a feel for the main storyline: entrepreneurial ism at its finest, and, passion following.

Kevin, if you read this, would love to have you on the podcast a bit later in the year.



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