Comedians: Check out one of the funniest dudes I know


One of my favorite things to do is to check out live comedy.  Phoenix, AZ is not exactly New York or LA or Chicago when it comes to live venues and opportunity to see up and comers, but we do actually have a fairly decent calendar.  Before I get into one of my favorite comedians, check out the handful of local spots that offer weekly shows:

  1. You’ve got Standup Live in Scottsdale
  2. Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy up in the NE 101 area
  3. You’ve got Standup Scottsdale– in Old Town Scottsdale
  4. Scottsdale Comedy Spot, also in Scottsdale

The neat thing about checking out the comedy scene is you’ll get a mix of locals, and then the more popular folks that’ll pass thru and headline.  People that are just getting their name out, and then the more established comedians that have performed on the late night circuit- like Conan O’Brien, or, say in Chicago at 2nd City.

If you are in Arizona, or even elsewhere for that matter- you’ve got to check out Jonathan Gregory.

I first met Jonathan- probably about 9 or 10 years now.  He is probably the funniest guy I know.  Very counter-intuitively, he works for the City of Scottsdale at the SAR.  Basically the local equivalent of the YMCA.  He is a trainer, and runs a number of their classes- specifically boxing.  The SAR is the best, worst kept secret in Scottsdale.  Easily the best gym for the best value.  Its right next door to the SF Giants training complex, and for something like $90 annually (if you are a Scottsdale resident) you can hit the gym- and they have spin class, barre, yoga, boxing, boxing instruction, bootcamp.  So, Jonathan does that.

And he also does comedy, bigtime.

If you bump into him at one of his shows, he will probably crush your hand, tickle your palm, and give you a stick of gum.  He will also try and convince you to name your baby Jonathan.  Or Gregory.  Or Jonathan Gregory.

He will also give you a bunch of laughs.

I’m not 100% sure what you call it- but I think Jonathan is a “character actor” or “character comedian”.

I know him as the “Creepy Comedian.” His long hair, and all around creepy looking demeanor provides a paradoxical, out of the mainstream type of experience.

This is him: Creepy

Original pictures: 







Further, although I do hate to admit it, Joe Rogan is growing on me.  Jonathan has a years long feud with Joe Rogan.  Last I heard, their respective managers were trying to put together a combo boxing match/comedy show in the middle of the desert, around Eloy.  I am not sure if that is booked yet, but I am hopeful.  In the meantime, check out Jonathan challenging Joe Rogan below:

You get the idea.

Further- Jonathan is a big numbers guy.  He was kind enough to share some data.  Fully audited, empirical, fact checked data that proves he is one of the best comedians out there.

Please review:





Anyhow, I am a huge fan.  And the awesome thing is- not only can Jonathan beat you up, but he has actually turned into a really well known comedian.  He’s performed all over now- California, Florida, various really well known festivals.

Take a Friday or Saturday night and go check him out.  Here is his calendar.

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