My Number 1 Hack for getting a HEADSTART on my day and CRUSHING my week


Remember the old school day planners?  It was kind of a mini 3 ring binder, with a TON of papers, but was laid out kind of haphazardly with no rhyme or reason to it?

Yeah I had one of those.  Thats what my Dad used growing up.  I remember, he would have his planner, it would have newspaper clippings in it, magazine articles, etc.  I’m sure info about his day, his plans for the week, what he was doing.  He used it, I dont know if he used it religiously, but he definitely used it.  I remember we would be sitting there watching a football game on a Sunday afternoon, and he would break it out and cross items off, write new things down, put in little memos to himself.

He would give me his old ones.  They were the kind were you could keep the binder, and simply reorder new, filler pages. 

I found it when I moved out of my last apartment, a few months ago. It was covered in dust, and the pages were most recently from 1999.

I’m not kidding. 

Why I kept it that long, I have no idea.  So I threw it away.

Recently, as I’ve been on this journey of optimization, of diligently trying to establish an element of control in my life, I’ve come to believe that the true first step- aside from JUST DOING IT, is to establish a daily, and weekly plan.

Not a monthly plan.  Certainly not a yearly plan.

But a daily plan, that is mapped out in 7 day increments.

The tool that I use to do this, to hold myself accountable really, is the Panda Planner:


As you can see- there is plenty of space here to write out all of your STUFF:

My favorite part is the planner breaks things down into bite sized little chunks for you;

  1. There is an area at the top where you can take stock of your day and write out things you are grateful for
  2. There’s space for your “Power 5” – or top 5 things that you MUST get done
  3. Plenty of space on the right for your schedule
  4. A reminder for Exercise in the upper right

So, as you can see- its one page, one day.  Initially, I tried to establish the habit of planning out my week on a Sunday night.  I do that, in broad strokes.  But, I find its better for me to take stock of my day, the night before, and write out what I need done for the next day.

Everybody’s schedule is dynamic of course- this is what works for me.

Also- notice some of the space is blank.  Thats fine.  It changes day to day. Lately- I’ve just been listing my stuff out- on that right hand side because I’ve just got a ton of stuff to “Do.”  Not necessarily spend alot of time thinking about- but just “Doing”

Here is an example from today:

  • Call Brandon re investment property refi
  • Call Upen re the same
  • Pinterest- ahh yes Pinterest- I’m trying to educate myself on this lovely platform- check out my post here
  • Hike with my friend Michael at 330- Michael is one of my longest friends in AZ, and since I am hitting the road last week, we are getting in one last hike today
  • Podcasts- run thru some podcasts from my new favorite Andy Frisella
  • Pinterest followers
  • Infinity internet setup for Seattle
  • Re-read Nick Loper show notes
  • Talk to Chris
  • Message Charles
  • Pac NW internet
  • Topics: steam room, day planner, moving, cable

Now, all of this stuff is in my brain, and its stuff that I needed to get done.  The whole point of this planning process is to take the 5-10-15 minutes, daily, or nightly- that it takes you, and write it all down.  Unclutter your brain. 

Check out the Panda Planner via Amazon here.

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