“The Ladder of Success is Never Crowded at the Top”


I came across this quote buried deep in “Think and Grow Rich” last night before I went to bed.  I’ve been revisiting the book lately and it caught my eye at the last moment.  The more I read it, the more fascinated I become.  How was this book written way back when, so far ahead of its time?  Buy it here.

Like everybody, the day to day challenge is real.

Hard to maintain focus.  Hard to keep an eye on the end goal.


Where do you want to be down the road?  How do you keep taking steps forward, when you feel like you are taking steps back.

I’ve been exploring the ways to continue, and at the very least, apply consistency, constantly, to my day to day.  To increase the consistency of my mindset, and motivation.  As we know, there is no one clear, easy answer.  There are none.

I’ve written a bit about Andy Frisella lately and his podcasts I’ve been watching/listening to, and enjoying.  Taking to heart really.  Came across this nugget:

“Grit is the decision to do the mundane, daily.”

I’ve written about “Grit” before, in a different context.  The above quote is the most simplistic definition I have heard so far.

Doing the boring, the mundane, over and over and over.

“It” won’t manifest itself in one day, one week, one month.  But it will over time.

Those who have the mental fortitude to basically wait it out the longest, win.

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