Which is “better”- the River or the Reservoir?


I was listing to one of Andy Frisella’s podcasts yesterday, driving down the road, driving to the other side of town to take a drug test for my new employer.  Funny thing about drug tests.  Some company’s require them, some don’t.  Some pick and choose what type of drugs they test for.  This company is located in New Jersey, but the particular office is in Washington state.  For those that have read this blog since inception- you know that I am moving from Phoenix to Seattle, soon.  Matter of fact, we are about ready to.  I’ll write more on that letter.  The federal laws are the same, but the state laws actually differ quite a bit.  Funny.  Now I had to fill out two completely different sets of paperwork, actually three- when you include federal- to accomplish the same thing: to prove I don’t do “drugs.”  And, when I asked the lab person to define what drugs they are testing for- they couldn’t.  They just said “all.”  But now, as we know- “all” drugs are not viewed the same now in “all” states.  Funny how bureaucracy, and the American legislation system works.


So I was listening to Andy’s podcast.  I got turned onto Andy’s show- first heard about it maybe three months, and have listened to it sporadically since then.  At first- I didn’t get it- I thought there were alot of cats doing the same thing.  Putting out the same info.  Bringing on the same guests.  As I write this, very coincidentally- I’m listening to Grant Cardone interview Andy right now on his show: here.  But now I realize this guy is definitely unique, and definitely brings his own perspective- just listing to a half hour show brings me several actionable items that I can apply to what I’m doing TODAY.

So here is my takeaway from yesterday:

Andy talks about the “wantrepeneur” concept- where everybody wants to own a business, and be an entrepreneur, but nobody actually wants to “BE” an entrepreneur- meaning, nobody wants to do the work.  We all know this- its not a new phenomenon.  People are actually so immune, so afraid really of taking action- any action- that they will actually hoard ideas, hoard concepts- pay for school, get a grad degree god forbid- all in the name of gaining (hoarding) knowledge, rather then stepping out, venturing out, doing something on a shoestring, with many unknown variables, and just making up your mind to DO IT.

This is where the River vs. Reservoir framework comes in.


Again, to re-emphasize, people (myself included) would rather consume and stockpile information- think about reading books, reading magazines- you know them- Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Forbes.com,   reading newspapers, consuming and listening to podcasts, and reading blogs.

I do that, and you do that.  We stockpile information, furthering our knowledge, rather (and this is key) than consuming info, and turning around and readily applying it into our business (and that term is up to you to define- is your business your brick and mortar, a blog, a website, a podcast, a clickfunnel concept- whatever).

If you do this long enough, you become an endless, vast, resource of a bunch of information that, separately, could be used to repetitively build a business, but, held back in your mind, does nothing.  You become just another dude who knows a bunch of stuff but is not successful.

In the past, that was me.  That still is me.  But I’m learning to apply it, and shift the mindset from the Reservoir to River.

With the River mindset, I am now focused on consuming information, and turning around and applying it, rather than filing it away.  I take what I need from it, discard the rest, and move forward.  Continuously  looking for the next thought, next idea, next concept that I can take, steal, use, copy- whatever- rather than putting it into my mind, and adding to the muddy, blurry, useless info that has been in there for years (and that I’m trying to get rid of, mind you).

Consume the information, and let it FLOW THRU to your business.  Your project. Your side hustle.  Whatever.

Let it FLOW.

Take the information in, figure out how to apply it, and let it flow out.  That hour.  That day.  Literally after you consume it.

Do that, and watch things magnify.

I’ve started to do that, and “things” have to started to flow.

That’s all.


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