Why was my Sunday better than your Sunday?


Funny thing, weekends.  Usually, I try and cram as much stuff, as much activity into a weekend, then I end up doing nothing at all during the weekday.  Its a tough cycle. I usually get one or two quality days during the week, then, you know how it is- you are tired, man.  You just want to throw on the TV and chill.  Its a tough rut to be in.

To get out of.

Anyway- I usually try and crush the weekends- getting in some fitness, getting in some blog work, some reading, some time with Brooke, and then doing whatever else is needed- errands, stuff, house stuff, more stuff, moving stuff.  Whatever is it.

This last Sunday though, I crushed it.  Follow along:

Alarm clock: 520AM

530AM: brushing teeth, putting on my hiking clothes, in the car.

540AM: driving to Camelback

545AM: walking up the approach to the mountain

615AM: its dark out, temperature is perfect, and I’m halfway up.  Sun is coming up over the Four Peaks to the east

640AM:  standing on the top, along with maybe ten other people.  Phoenix is waking up, and its beautiful out.

730AM: back down at the bottom, walking back to my car.

745AM: driving to Squaw Peak, I’m jazzed up, ready to knock it out.

8AM: there is no parking at Squaw Peak.  None.  I drive up and done the parking lot, searching for hidden pockets.  Squaw Peak is spread out, and there is nothing.  I’m pissed.

815AM: back home.  We decide to go down to the park and walk.  We get in maybe 3 or 4 laps. Takes an hour.

930AM: We eat.  I think it was an egg sandwich and bacon.  Coffee too.  I tried to quit coffee, or at least take a break.   I lasted 10 days.  I couldn’t do it.

10AM:  It’s getting hot out.  We decide to throw a change up and rent the movie Sully.  We walk across the street to Redbox, rent it, walk home, and watch it.  Sully.  A good movie.  Definitely worth it.  I drink Cream Soda. Awesome.

1230pm or so.  Sully is over.  Tom Hanks.  Its hot out.  I start thinking that nobody is at Squaw Peak.  Too hot out.  I decide to go back to knock it out.

1-230pm or so:  Hike Squaw Peak.  Harder than I thought.  Legs are screaming.  Its not back to back, but its 2 of the Phoenix Mountains in one day.  I’m happy.

3pm: home.  Still sweating, but I’m not done.

315pm- 4pm.  Gym.  Just pushups, situps and pullups.

4pm: Shower and done.

430pm: I’m tired.  We plan dinner, I get some reading in, and thats about it.

That is a full day.  Made me feel really good.  I want to do the same this weekend, but will wait til mid-day, when its hot, so I can do a true back to back hike.

But count it up:

up early, 2 hikes, 1 gym session, 1 entire movie, 1 walk at the park, some quality reading, and some good food.

What did you do?

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