Climbing the Mindset Mountain


As I’ve mentioned previously, many times actually, “mindset” – is often the missing key.  For me, and I’m sure, many others, it is easy to focus on “other things.”  Meaning, the easy road is often working on improving other areas of your life: physical fitness, relationships, knowledge, money, etc.  Those items, taken in whatever context you please, is often the easy road.

Your mind, which brings all of these areas together, is often the hardest beast to conquer.

Why?  Its easy.  The mind is a wandering beast, free to make its own thoughts, forging whatever path it wants to.  It moves to the beat of its own drum.

One day, one hour, one minute, the mind is free. Full of hope, happiness, innocence, happiness.  The next, the mind is dark.  Deep, and dark.  Pessimistic.  Filled with worry.  Filled with self-doubt. Racked with insecurity.  Void of confidence.

But its still the same mind, right?  So, the obvious question is- how do you leave behind the bad, and focus on the good?

How do you tame the inner evil spirits, flush out the bad, and journey on in a positive way.

The mind is the glue that holds everything together.

The other areas that I mentioned above- fairly typical “parts” of life- physical fitness, relationships, knowledge, money- those areas can exist, but they cannot thrive until you solve your mind, and having it working for you, rather than just trending on- bouncing around on the day to day.

Someone I know posed this question once:  Why do you spend an hour a day in the gym, working on the body, without spending an equal amount of time, or more, working on the mind?

Its a very simple, but profound question if you think about it.

Why train the body, but not the mind?

Which is more important?  The answer is clear. The mind.   So then, how do we begin to tame it?

Read on.

Jarred Smith, here in Phoenix, AZ is much farther ahead on this journey than I am.  But that’s ok.  Its his own journey, and its my own journey.  There is no competing.  The competition is within ourselves.

He shared his thoughts recently on “Mindset Mountain” podcast.

Listen to it here.

Jarred has a fascinating, fascinating story.

I’m on my second go-round of listening to it.

Very worthwhile.



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