Getting Purpose.

So I just wanted to put this quick note as far as “purpose” goes.  I’ve run into a bit of a roadblock as far as finding the direction that I want to take this site.  And I’ve also run into a bit of a roadblock as far as material, ammo, ideas, and thoughts for posts.

  • When I initially started the site, back in mid-December 2016, I gave myself a month.  I wanted to see if I could establish any type of consistency for 30 days.  And I did.  When I bought the domain, I think it was December 16, 2016, I said, ok, if I’m going to fork out money on yet another hair-brained idea, then I need to hold myself accountable and get off the ground running, and have something to show for it in 30 days.
  • When that 30 days was up, I felt good.  I think I had something like 17 posts.  They were quality (at least to me).  I felt good about them.  I was getting some traction, getting some audience, and some people- friends, family, people I know kind of at arms length- they came to me and send- “I like what you are doing.”  As you can imagine, it made me feel good, and I wanted to continue.
  • About a week ago- I think it was March 1- I was in the midst of writing my biggest blog post to date.  It was going to be huge- a manifesto- 10,000 words.  I got thru the first two thousand words, read it, reread it, got to editing it, and I was still good.  Then I wanted to rip it up.  It looked awful.  And I’ve been in a rut since.
  • Couple that with traffic dying off, and my autoresponder giving me shit (meaning I still don’t know how to build an email list)- and I was losing momentum.
  • These few paragraphs are not meant to complain- rather to show the reality of what a hard task it is to maintain consistency and engagement on a daily basis.  Now that I feel like I’m back in the saddle, to a degree, I am trying to identify, and evaluate, how to “stay in the saddle.”
  • Like most people who are trying to make something out of nothing, staying on the path is a grind.  Its not easy.  Its hard.  Its not glorious.  Its different.  Its doing a bunch of work without tangible results.  Its doing work where you are not sure if what you doing is what you should be doing.  Its hard.
  • So anyway, I’m back at it and have some renewed enthusiasm.  And I’ve been trying to self diagnose what my biggest pain point, or problem area is.  I’ve determined my starting point is “purpose.”
  • Now- this may seem obvious- and most of you are probably saying that I should have determined this before I started.  I thought I did, but now I recognize that I didn’t really have a firm, solid, core, no holds barred “purpose.”  And recognizing that, and accepting that, has led to a restart for me.
  • So at this point, I am in the process of redefining and restating my purpose.
  • Call it a mission statement if you will.  I am doing that now and it is coming in another post soon.
  • There’s a few other things I would like to put out there as well.  Its been said that motivation comes from within.  I do believe that.  But, at times, it is useful to rely on others for “reassurance.” Nothing wrong with that.  As I was brainstorming and researching, I came across a lengthy, lengthy, solid post by Rand Fishkin of  Its actually 5 years old of so, but this graphic is very relevant:
  • This is a graphic that shows the growth of a blog over a two plus year period.  Whats telling, and reassuring is look at the left hand side of the blog.  Static, horizontal, minimal, growth.  Then, slowly but surely, a toehold, then a foothold, then 3/4 of the way to the right, driving a bus thru the small whole in the wall.
  • Success.
Obviously, Rand is a veteran, and is ubiquitous in the online world, but this post was very helpful.
So that’s it.  Self-pity and being stuck in the quicksand is over.  Back to “writing harder” and pushing forward.

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