First Income Report

What? You expected to see me making money from this piddly old thing already?  Ha, did I fool you.

If you want to see a real blog income report- I’ve got a handful for you.  Take a walk over to:
  1. Pat Flynn
  2. John Lee Dumas 
  3.  Michelle Schroeder
Notice their monthly income reports are not measured in hundreds or thousands- but, rather tens of thousands.
So, there’s that.
Anyhow- I think the first income report on a blog that I read was several years ago- it was Pat Flynn’s.  Then, he was doing about 50k-60k per month.  Not per year, thats per month.  I actually think it was around tax time.  I had just finished my taxes for the year, and felt very bad about myself as I reviewed my W2’s vs. Pat’s monthly nut.  But, we are not on this earth to feel bad about ourselves are we?
 Why this didnt motivate me to start a blog then, or to start any type of media platform, I dont know.  I’m not completely motivated by money- but lets be honest, I am a little.  Plus, I felt I had nothing to say that people would want to read, view, or listen to.  And- I thought putting out an income report was stupid.  Why in the heck would you want people to know what you are making?  Especially if you are making significant money.  Would they stop reading?  To the contrary I learned.  Sure- the money is a way to keep track.  But- its also a way to hold yourself accountable.  To show improvement month over month.  As we all know- consistency is the biggest hurdle, right?  Right?  Yes- you do remember that because I previously wrote about consistency here.
Now, I know that to be further from the truth.  Every single person I know how their own unique story, for good or bad.  Thus- every single person, I believe, should have an outlet to express their feelings, and, via that, a platform for others to “take in” this info.  In other words, a blog.

As this is an income report, lets get to some numbers.

I think I officially bought my domain and setup hosting via Bluehost  (no, its not an affiliate link, I haven’t figured that part out yet) on December 17th, 2016.  Roughly two months ago.
I began putting out some thoughts, some articles shortly after that.
Counting this article, I will have 29 posts.  Two of those are guest posts, so I wrote 27 and brought in 2.
Lets talk about traffic.  As you can see from the below chart, the first three weeks of the Manchamp blog averaged about 0-3 viewers per day.  Thats because, once I published an article, I would view it on my work computer, laptop, iPad, phone etc.  So those were probably all me.  About a month ago- around New Years- I was getting very frustrated because I felt I was spending all of this time writing, and it was for naught.  Nobody was viewing it.
Initially- when I had this idea- if I remember correctly it was about 1030pm at night on a Monday, and I was watching an episode of “Suits”  furiously buying WordPress themes online.  I told myself- see if you can do this for 30 days.  Write a post for 30 days straight- just get a base going, a critical mass of “stuff”- then we’ll figure out how to bring in an audience.
And I actually did that.  I think I put out 27 posts in those first 30 days- which I was very surprised, and happy with.
Then, I knew I had to get eye balls in front of this thing.

I was going to focus on several areas:

1) traffic via Facebook
2) utilizing Fiverr traffic to drive an audience
3) telling everyone I know
4) begin to learn about SEO and keywords
Now, keep in mind, I know nothing about this stuff.  Its all done on a shoestring.  Frankly, I’d put rather pay somebody to do this- but I do want to learn how- so I can build other blogs, in other verticals, in the future.
We’ll take it one by one.
  1.  Facebook-  I asked all my friends like the page.  I have 400+ friends, and currently have 62 likes.  Maybe my friends dont really like me as much as I think they do.  I promoted several posts, and got a fair amount of traffic to my page.  I spent roughly $15 dollars on this.
  2.  Fiverr– if you havent used fiverr- you need to.  I bought several gigs from people who advertised they will drive traffic to my page.  How they are doing this I dont know- and dont really want to know.  I found one fiverr person who is awesome, and was a repeat customer twice.  Total spent- $25.
  3.  I told everyone I know.  This was free.
  4.  Regarding SEO/keywords- I have started to mess around with google analytics and google keyword planner.  This is very much a foreign language. Also- I have brought in adsense as a test.  Mostly- when I view a webpage and an ad pops up- its a nuisance to me.  But- i did want to see how this works.  I set it up yesterday.  So far, I have a positive balance with google of $.02.
Demographics- I thought this was interesting as the blog address is “manchamp”- as you can tell- still trying to nail down the niche though.
As I learn google- I thought this was interesting as well- people are actually reading the content- which is good.  Somebody is reading what I have to say.  Notice the duration below.
This is a screengrab of my google analytics.  You can see for the first month the blog existed- the audience was just me.  Once I brought in fiverr and fb ads- it went up significantly. Couple things to keep in mind.  This traffic is obviously artificial.  I am paying for it.  To that end- I need to make sure these people come back, and that they remain sticky.  I am trying to mess around with pixels on fb posts.  Also need to focus on email list opt ins.  Currently I have 9 emails in my list.  3 are friends of mine.  So 6 real people opted in.

A brief summary for the first income report:

Income:  .02 via google adsense
15523 pageviews
6239 unique visitors- thats somewhat promising- people are taking a look around
6 real opt ins
In an effort to get on a calendar month timeframe- I’m going to do another one of these 2 weeks out- for March 1.
Here are the goals for the next two weeks:
Double the income:  .04 cents– ha! (this is a joke)
25000 pageviews
10k uniques
12 opt ins.
100 pinterest followers- I’m going to dive into pinterest for the rest of Feb.
optimize and figure out how the heck to use Mailchimp.
If you have read this far- please like my page on Facebook and follow me, and optin to my email newsletter.
Lets see how it goes.

– See more at:’s First Income Report

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