The no good, VERY bad day

Today’s guest post is from Heather Fox.  I’m sure it will resonate with all of us.  Heather has not one, not two, not three, but 4 sons.

Comment below and tell Heather to start her own blog- she has an awesome story.


Today was a bad day.

An “I DON’T WANNA” kind of day.

I don’t wanna be a single mom. I don’t wanna be a housekeeper. I don’t wanna deal with ANY of this.

I was angry…..

Angry about having to pick up the dirty clothes…again, and again, and again.  Angry about having to cook THEN clean it up…because who else is going to do it!? Angry about the endless piles of laundry. Angry about having to stretch a dollar farther than any human being should EVER have to. Angry that I don’t have the body that I used to, when others seem to look EXACTLY like they did in high school. Angry that I can’t get the couch I want. Angry that I can’t decorate my kid’s room the way they wish I could. Angry that I can’t have the clothes I need. Angry that my kids ask for things I know I’ll NEVER be able to give them.

I was “fit to be tied” and I’ll be honest…I had hit the end of my rope at Mach 10 (and for those who don’t know…that’s roughly 7600 mph…give or take…you do the math!).  I’d been stretched beyond…..WAAAAYYYYY beyond.

And then the bird died. And the dog pooped. And the kids fought.

So, while SCREAMING at the G** D*** DOG to GET. IN. THE. HOUSE. NOOOOWW! (When clearly, she was quite happy running through the muddy back yard, chewing on every vile piece of wood she could find, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) I literally cried out ” Lord Jesus, I CANNOT DO THIS!”

He answered, “YES. YOU. CAN. And you must. So you WILL.”

And guess what? I did.


At first, like a zombie.


I got the kid to the game. I dried the tears. I made the meals….AND washed the dishes. I folded the laundry. I cleaned up the poop. I smiled and high fived the little when he caught a “Clefable” (Whatever that is!?) on Pokémon Go. I pulled it together one chore at a time. And I made it.

It wasn’t graceful. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t magazine or Facebook worthy. But I did it.

Tomorrow I’ll do better. My home is clean enough. My kids are beginning to understand my financial limitations, and love me still. My life is full. And my God loves me.

Broken AF.


And sometimes I suck. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I loose my s***.

But I do it. And if anyone out there feels like they can’t… are NOT alone.



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