Where this is headed.


Some thoughts on where I see this blog headed and what my vision is:

For the past several years, I knew I wanted to build a platform to share my thoughts, my experiences, my feelings.  And to learn the same from others.  I wasn’t sure what medium to use.  I have/had notebooks, papers, sticky notes of STUFF.  Just thoughts.  But, I never put it into action.  Until now.  I built the site very primitively (as you can probably see) in about 2 days.  Then I just started writing.

Initially- I was focused on being very narrow- because thats what everybody says right? Niche down.  You dont want to be a mile wide and an inch deep, but rather a mile deep and an inch wide.  In order to build an audience, you need to become an expert in one specific medium, rather than just randomly writing about things.

Thats fine.

Except, my goal is not to build an audience.  Its not to become well known as a subject matter expert in a specific area.  Its simply to build a platform to get my story and my thoughts out.  And to get the same from others.  Thats all I want to do.  I dont know anything about building a blog.  I dont know about email marketing.  I barely know how to customize the site and put a menu bar up.


So, when I started writing- I figured I would write about “being a Dad.”  Not unique at all, but its where I am in my life currently- and its not that I have a unique story- I dont, by any means.

But I do have a story.

But then, as I get up early to write, and stay up late to write- and really think about what I am trying to do- my life, and my interests are more than “writing about being a Dad.”  For me, that is too silo’d.  Its too transparent.  I need to include more, because all areas are intertwined with what I am try to do.  With what I’m trying to build- where I want to be, next month, next year, and a few years down the road.

So, what I’ve come up with today (and this is subject to change, and continued evolution of course) is that this blog is going to be built on a triumvirate of 4 topics.  Three areas of life that I think you need to be successful in the sum of the parts.  They are:

  •  Fatherhood/parenting
  •  money- acquiring it, and keeping it
  •  lifestyle design- meaning, getting out of the “rat race” and becoming self- sufficient
  •  knowledge- with the thought process over constantly acquiring knowledge, daily.

Last night, before I went to bed, I just wrote out whatever came to mind.

It is below.

Stay tuned.



1) Fatherhood. sharing ideas. being better. learning. activities. all american boy/girl. more present. addressing guilt. setting a good example. teaching kids. too much vs. too little. relationship amongst parents. relationship with family. family expectations. education. methods of teaching. manners. respect. outgoing. introvert vs. extrovert. curiosity without being a know it all.

2) Money. how to make it. how to side hustle. plan b backup money. spending money. emergency fund. investments. retirement. college funding. extra cash. walking around money. new car money. hobby money. diversification of income. not relying on one thing. making money while you sleep. making money. losing money. not knowing it all, but having a plan. passive income. active income. various methods of income. making income with an inverse proportion to time spent. not being broke.

3) Lifestyle design. optimal life. not working for the man. entrepreneurial ventures. life optimization. digital nomad. control over time. time vs. money as a resource. most precious commodity.

4) Knowledge. self improvement.  ongoing quest for more. more knowledge. jeopardy. random thoughts. traditional schooling vs. trial and error.historical curriculum vs. entrepreneurial. the classics vs. the internet. jane eyre vs. facebook news feed. shakespeare vs. wired/fast company. podcasts. travel. location neutral employment.

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