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One of my favorite things to do is read, and by extension, learn.  Maybe that is why I know alot of worthless little tidbits about seemingly mundane items.  I would love to be on Jeopardy.  But thats for another time.

I wanted to put out a list of my favorite “Man Blogs”.  Most of these I just stumbled upon myself.  They weren’t recommended to me necessarily- I just came across them at some point in time.  Post of these have accompanying podcasts as well- which I highly recommend.  Some of these you’ll notice as they are popular and mainstream.  Others- I hope will be new to you and a good takeaway.

I have broken these down into four distinct “Food Groups”- in keeping with my thoughts on my recent post- “Where is this Going?

If you want to check that out- click here.

Also- most, if not all of these blogs/site/podcasts you can “cross-sell.”  What I mean by that is- the Jocko Podcast for example, can fall under the heading of “Parenting” or “Lifestyle Optimization” or “Knowledge” or even “Money.”  Seriously.


  • Knowledge

  • Lifestyle Design

  • Money (and the acquisition of)

  • Parenting/Being a Dad

So- in no certain order- these are my top 13 Blogs.

  • Parenting/Being a Dad and “General Life Stuff”

One of the first things sites that comes to mind here is Ryan Michler’s Order of Man.  As I mentioned- this site is not geared to being a “Dad” per se.  Its basically about the pursuit of becoming better as a man, and by default, being a Dad falls under that umbrella.  I met Ryan very briefly (and I mean very briefly- we chatted for maybe 5 minutes or so in Salt Lake City at an event we were both at back in Fall of 2016).  Since then, I make it a point to listen to his podcast- which comes out weekly, and also scroll his page.  What I like about Ryan is you can tell he is truly genuine- and he has a unique way of dialing in conversation and pulling dialogue out of some truly serious guests- think Tim Kennedy, Chris Sajnog, Ryan Blair.  Definitely check it out.


Next up is Joe Rogan.  Yes that’s right.  I put Joe Rogan under the parenting section.  I used to not listen to his stuff- but then I got tuned into it one day- and he is actually a pretty deep guy.  The dude has a pretty widespread background in the sense that you have his comedy (I just discovered some of his older stuff on Netflix  and its pretty damn good).  Then you have his TV hosting, the BJJ or UFC type stuff, and then you have his podcast- The Joe Rogan Show.  The neat thing about the show is you’ll find people from all walks on it- comedians, military vets, businessman, Dan Bilzerian, Hollywood types etc.  And- I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this- still waiting for Joe Rogan to fight my buddy Jonathan Gregory- I know he has put out many challenges via youtube.  If you want some laughs- check that out here.  Couple that with the fact that he still maintains with a wife and 3 daughters.  I like it.


The Nerdist– I stumbled upon this podcast- and to a lesser extent- only a few months back.  The interesting thing with the Nerdist is Chris Hardwick  has been around quite some time- and has really driven thru the spectrum as far as just breaking into Hollywood as a young dude to rubbing shoulders with Bob Saget, John Stamos- household names that we grew up on.  I don’t listen to every episode, but its a decent listen for a curveball every now and then.


Lastly, but probably most influential thus far:  The Good Dad Project.   Larry has an awesome thing going.  The podcast, the site, everything.  This was one of the reasons I am making a feeble attempt to build this page and cultivate this community.

  • Money

Genyfinanceguy– Dom puts out some good stuff regarding budgeting and keep track of your cash.  Also its interesting to get a look see into somebody how opens the window wide open and fully discloses not only his goals, but his personal finances on a monthly basis.  Its a good way to get a glimpse into what other people are doing.  Not to outright copy, but to use as a model, and perhaps benchmark to some degree. I’d definitely recommend a walk thru his site- and he has some good recommendations as far as links to products he uses.  Think about Personal Capital, Mint, etc.


Ohh yeah- this next one is one of my favorites.  We are talking about  You thinking real estate?  Go no further.  They’ve got a podcast- bringing on guests from the viewpoint of investing in single family homes, multifams, mobile home parks, notes, raw land, flipping, and everything in between.  Also- the real value is in the “Forum” section where you can put out questions and get insight from real estate investors all around the world.  This is one of my favorite sites.


Making Sense of Cents.  – I stumbled on this blog maybe 3-4 months ago via Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation.  The compelling thing that Michelle has done in about 5 years is gone from zero to just shy of making $1mm exclusively from her blog in 2016.  She has figured it out.  Cracked the magic formula.  I have paged thru a TON of her pages.  I mean, a TON.  Trying to figure out her secret sauce.  Look at her blog- and I’ll think you’ll find that there is no secret sauce.  Its just consistent value being delivered.  At first glance- I’ve had someone tell me her blog isn’t directed toward “guys” or “men.”  Maybe so- maybe thats not her target market.  But- who cares?  We are talking expertise here as far as consistent value delivery goes.


Land Academy –  if you are looking for a “side hustle” and have some cash to spare- you will definitely want to take a look at this.  I have played around with this strategy- and made money at it, but I have not yet scaled it.  I know people that have- and they are making some serious cash.  I plan on coming back to this, but have a few more projects on my plate at the moment.  The play here is buying raw land at a massive discount to market value, then reselling it, online, to folks who just want land.  Literally.  Thats it.  Snake oil scheme? Totally unrealistic?  Who the hell will sell their land at pennies on the dollar?  Who the hell buys raw land in the middle of Northern New Mexico?  These were all questions that I had.  After fairly in depth research and talking to some of the guys that have tested, scaled, and profited on the concept-I’m defintiely convinced.  It works.  I have put out money, tested it, started to build a system- and it works.  Steve Butula and Jill are actually located here in Scottsdale, AZ.  They have a bit of a quirky style on their podcast- take it or leave it- but- they’ve nailed down a niche and it works.  If anything, pick up the lead magnet that is on their website in the form of an Ebook.  If nothing else, its a walk thru an entirely different thought process.  Also- this strategy was mentioned on one of Nick Loper’s podcasts- he interviewed two guys- regular dude’s like you and me that have dived in and scaled up- and, again, they are making money.  Josh Brooks is a great guy.   I’ve talked to him on the phone and he has some unique insight.  I have not talked to Chris Pritchard, but his interview with Nick is very educational as well.

  • Lifestyle Design

Tim Ferris.  I think this one goes without saying.  I stumbled on the blog years ago.  Read the books.  Listened to the podcast.  The way this guy has designed his life is remarkable.  And he is doing really cool stuff, and meeting smart, cool people, that are revolutionizing the way the world runs, and works along the way.  And he is making tons of money.

Mark Divine – I believe I got tuned into Mark via Ryan Michler’s Order of Man podcast.  At first glance, obviously he looks like a hard dude- being retired from the military, being based in southern Cal, being the former owner of Coronado Brewing on Coronado Island- before craft brewing was cool.  But flip the hard exterior on its ear, and when you dig in further- Mark is really about mindset and training the mind FIRST, with the underlying thought that “the body follows the mind.”  I took this away from one of his interviews- and if you think of it, it makes total sense.  Mark’s podcast opens the window into the mind of some of the most well-known athletes, military veterans, lifestyle experts, pyschologists, businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs. Mindset is something that I struggle with, and it has been a priority of mine to master for about a year now.  Or at the very least, improve on.  I know there are a bunch of apps that deal with- I have been using the Headspace app– I wouldn’t say successfully- not yet at least- but I have found value in it.  I have a love/hate relationship with Headspace- some days I love it- some days I LOATHE it (and think LOATH in the sense of the Grinch Stole Christmas  Jim Carrey scene).  Also, Mark puts out the Kokoro camp.  That is on my list to do once I get back in some serious shape.

The Jocko Podcast – I got tuned into Jocko from the Tim Ferris podcast.  Check out the episode here.  I think I remember Tim writing that this was one of his more popular episodes- and, man- definitely check that one out.  Next time you are on a plane, download it, and listen- its about 2 hours if I remember correctly.  Talk about a dose of reality.  The thing I really, really like about Jocko is that at first glance, it is easy to stereotype him as a complete meathead- but dig deeper and you’ll see he is an intellectual in the truest sense of the word.  His book reviews are money- especially the one about Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.  Do a 180 and check out his conversation with 2 guys he served with- Tony Eufrati and JP Dinnell.  Those conversations will cause you to pause when you consider the reality they dealt with, and live, while I (and you) are tucked away in your office, sipping your coffee, and reading this blog.  And he now sells Jocko tea– which I have not tried- but some friends have- and they say it is good.

  • Knowledge

Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation is probably my penultimate, and a page I follow daily.  Aside from an awesome first name- he’s been in the game for several years now, delivers value daily, and does not SELL.  He just puts out awesome info, and remains humble.  I have gotten more value out of Nick’s page and podcast than any other page or podcast.  I’m totally serious.  The suggestions as far as “Side Hustle’s” go WORK- but they take time, and systematic discipline.  I know because I have tried several.  I will go deeper into this in another post.  They do not, however, work, if you are looking for a quick hit, or looking to make a quick buck in a week or months time.  I’m talking about months and months and months of building systems, practicing efficiency, and working both hard, and smart.  Nick is awesome.

Pat Flynn’s SPI – Pat is one of the godfather’s of the online hustle.  I started reading him years ago- a bit before his Forbes article came out.  A wave of jealousy, rage, and disbelief came over me as I realized I was spending the majority of my week WORKING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE.  Pat doesn’t really need any further intro- just check out his site and podcast.

Mike Dillard –  I got tuned into Mike maybe two years ago.  Started listening to his podcast- which, at first glance comes across as really, really conservative, almost right wing- definitely Texan, as he is in Texas- but then loop in his back story and learn about his biz model as far as content marketing, systems, lifestyle.

  • So those are my 13

    • So thats my list.  All 13 have added value to my life, albeit in different areas.  Look at 1, look at 12- its all good value.  Please- let me know- what am I missing?  What blogs, podcasts, websites are you using frequently that have:


  • Improved or changed your way of thinking
  • Made you laugh
  • Made you behave more efficiently
  • Made you money
  • Uncluttered your brain.
    • Thats what I’m looking for today.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations- please- share on my facebook page or comment below.

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